Support Your School With A Test Drive

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Sept. 20, for this year’s Drive 4 UR School event at Joe Machens Ford Lincoln. Stop by the rental lot any time between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. to help raise money for your high school.

Created by Ford in 2007, the Drive 4 UR School aims to offer a creative, low-pressure fundraising opportunity to help with tight school budgets nationwide. All it requires is a valid test drive, and you could earn $20 for a participating school, to further invest in your community's education. The resulting funds can be used…

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The Power of a Hybrid

For automakersthe impact of their vehicles on the environment has long been a source of controversy amidst growing concerns about damage to the planet, and going green. The pollution caused by vehicles remains a concern among environmentalists, however Ford has created multiple hybrid vehicles that take these worries into consideration. These hybrids run on electric power from a battery for a time, and then switch over to gasoline on a fuel efficient engine…

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When Car Folks Go Streaking


Joe Machens Ford Lincoln Cars Streaking 

Some liken the car business to the sports world.  Or at least I do.  Both are highly competitive arenas.  Lots of “teams” to cheer for.  Or root against.  Long hours.  Hard work.  Wheels always turning.  Boundaries being pushed.  Edges trying to be gained.  Vying for your hard-earned dollar.  The thrill of victory.  The agony of defeat.  

That sort of thing.

The Greatest Streaks

With this playing field in mind, we present the following – some of…

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